Worked as an in house animator for Machinima

The past six months have been a total blast, here's some of the stuff I designed/animated/storyboarded and even did some sound design on!




Just finished up my portion of the book trailer

There is still some vfx to go in later but here is all the character animation.  The book itself is the work of Tegan Beechey.  I did character design, Production design, Storyboards, Animation and editing on this.  I really learned a lot on this and there are a few beats I'm pretty proud of.

 Also don't be alienated by the blank screen (that's where the final book cover is going to be.)


Just finished up a new Reel this morning

I'm pretty excited about it.  Also I've gotten permission to do timelapses of some of my projects.



Another day another WIP side project...

So essentially I've been losing my mind because my work on this site is always so desperately out of date. Well you know what?  I'm gonna start posting my new work here.  Boom.  Problem solved

To bring us somewhat up to date,  I've been working on a Promo for a friends book.  Here is one of the Backgrounds:

Environment for Firedust (copy-write Tegan Beachey 2013) photo Shotplan-merges12.jpg